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Mock Exams – why they are the key to exam success

Mock exams are an essential component of exam preparation for any accounting qualification.

They allow you to mimic the real exam experience under timed conditions, with exam standard questions.

Therefore, students that have attempted mock exams go into the real exam with better technique and also an improved sense of how much time is available.

No surprises on the big day!


At FI we see proof that attempting mock exams has a positive impact on exam results time and time again.

In December 2020, FI Ltd ACCA students that took 3 mock exams (included with FI tuition, revision and final mock courses) had a 93% chance of passing the real exam.

This is compared to a 61% chance for students that did not attempt mock exams.

The mock result does not matter – it’s all in the practice

Whether you pass or fail a mock exam, we have found that simply attempting it and experiencing exam conditions is enough to significantly boost your chance of a pass. We have seen this again in our most recent set of ACCA results for March 2021 exams. FI Ltd Students that attempted 2 mock exams had an 86% chance of a pass. Students that attempted no mock exams however had a 70% chance of a pass.


Why mock exams work

Whilst the exam results speak for themselves, hearing from some of FI’s most successful students helps us to understand exactly why mock exams have this impact. CIMA prizewinner, Eleanor, explains that attempting mock exams allowed her to spot gaps in her knowledge, or instances where she had not read the question properly:


“Having three mocks with feedback really helps to cover a lot of the course and identify where my knowledge was lacking. Or indeed, where I had not read the question properly.”
– CIMA prizewinner, Eleanor Tapia.

Eleanor achieved the highest mark worldwide at Operational Case Study in August 2020. Read her full interview to learn more about her exam technique and study experience: How to become a CIMA prizewinner

Using question practice to your advantage

Whilst simply attempting mock exams and experiencing timed conditions is proven to boost exam success, what you do after practicing questions can make a real difference to your result. Some of FI’s most successful students have used mock exams as a tool to identify which areas to focus their revision efforts on.

Ali, who achieved an ACCA Gold Medal and the highest marks worldwide at Strategic Professional level, explains this key study technique:

“I attempted all questions in full, under timed conditions from the outset. Then, I’d give myself unrestricted time during the self-assessment phase to re-attempt segments and create notes.”
– Ali Ahmet, ACCA Gold Medal Prizewinner 


Rachel won the ACCA Gold Medal prize for her performance in her Strategic Professional level exams in 2019. She explains the important role question practice played in her exam preparation routine:


“I would write out notes in my own words, which would help me to absorb the information, and then practise all of the questions in the question bank, making sure to revisit any areas that I struggled with. Question practice is key to passing these exams and think it is essential to do at least one mock exam under timed conditions.”
– Rachel Ilott, ACCA Gold Medal Prizewinner


You can learn more about Ali’s and Rachel’s study techniques and experiences below:

Ali’s experience

Rachel’s experience


Significantly increase your chance of a pass

Mock exams are included with all FI tuition and revision courses. No matter your qualification you can also access precious exam standard questions.  We use the best markers in the business – many are real exam markers and therefore their feedback is invaluable. Mock exam deadlines are scheduled at the optimum time during your exam preparation phase.

If you are looking to book your next paper or level, check the course dates and prices at your local study centre or online study centre.

Standalone mocks are available for ACCA students as part of Question Based Days or Online Final Mocks.

AAT students can purchase an Online Mock Bank package that can be attempted at anytime and anywhere you have internet access.

We wish you the best of luck in your next exam.


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