How To Prepare For An ACCA Resit Exam

How to prepare for an ACCA resit exam

Even the most committed students occasionally fail a test, which may be demoralising and distressing. On the big day, anyone can have nervousness or feel less prepared than they had hoped. In the event that you recently failed an ACCA exam, keep in mind that you are not alone.

The most crucial step in planning an ACCA exam retake is to start studying as soon as possible. Now is the moment to take action because your information and exam experience are still fresh in your mind. Here are our top five suggestions for getting ready for your ACCA resit.

taking the ACCA exam again? What you should do is:

1. Review the inspector’s report.

For your ACCA resit, examiners’ reports are a great resource. They can help you learn more about the marking procedure and frequent errors that students, including perhaps you, have made in the past. Recent examiner reports from ACCA include walkthroughs of questions and performance comments on tests taken by actual students. The examiner’s reports can be seen here.

2. Discuss your retest with your tutor one-on-one.

Contact your tutor to schedule a one-on-one conversation. Use this opportunity to discuss any ACCA exam topics that you found challenging. They will be pleased to walk you through how to approach that section of the syllabus and offer any suggestions for how to tackle it differently in the future.

3. More is better with mock examinations!

The secret to success is practise. We have seen a strong association between a student’s likelihood of passing the real exam and the number of practise exams they have taken, at each exam sitting. The reason why mock examinations are effective is because they let you know which parts of the curriculum are challenging for you and where you should put more of your attention. If you decide to take your mock examinations under exam circumstances, the ability to determine how much time to spend on each question is also provided by mock exams.
We strongly advise signing up for a course focused on question practise if you didn’t take a revision course, question-based day, or online mock for your most recent exam.

4. Discover other tools to aid your preparation.

Tutors may approach computations or questions differently from the tutors you have previously studied from, which may suit you better. You might find these minor hints and suggestions helpful as you get ready for your retest. If you didn’t take a Revision course for your most recent exam, you can find several methods on our YouTube channel, in pre-recorded Masterclass sessions, or on our website.

5. Schedule your retake exam right away.

Timing is crucial. After a bad exam experience, it can be tempting to take a break, but we strongly advise scheduling a retake as soon as you can. The more knowledge you will forget, the more time will pass between your most recent ACCA exam attempt and your retake exam. While your memory of the course is still fresh, begin your resit preparations. Focus on the areas you had trouble with on the original exam in the period before your retake, but keep your more “assured” regions in mind as well.

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