FILS First Intuiton ACCA 2022


This project had two principal objectives to positively impact ACCA student pass rates and to improve the progression of ACCA students globally. Since the transition to Computer-Based Examinations for all ACCA subjects, students have struggled with the new format as all exam content and student working must now be completed within the confines of the computer screen, and many lack the skill set required to successfully sit the exams.

The FILS test platform has been designed to address these challenges and give all students the opportunity to prepare for their exams in the right environment. It allows students to become familiar with the CBE format, increasing their confidence with the new system, as well as testing their knowledge, practicing applying what they have learnt and finding any areas in which they need to do additional revision. 


We reviewed 12 months of UK data and devised a test platform that introduced structure and guidance to mock exam practice, that could be utilised successfully by a self-study student around the world.



In the UK, FI has been testing the effect of multiple mock exams attempted online as part of a student’s revision. Here, FI found that a student can increase their chance of passing the final exam by 30% by attempting, not even passing. 3 mocks exams compared to those that did not take any.

Pass Rates Of FI Students 02


We consider our data to be conclusive in showing that assessment submission rates for learners do strongly correlate with final summative assessment results. In both structured FI classroom settings and when used by international self-study students from both established and emerging markets, we observed the same marked improvement in student performance.

It further demonstrates that CBE’s need not present the challenge they currently do for ACCA students. Given the right resources, the right support and the opportunity to practice on test platforms. ACCA students, irrespective of their mode of study, can succeed with their ACCA exams.


Through a collaboration with global ACCA market teams and by analysing the UK data, FI learning solutions have been able to take online assessments and build a self-study CBE test platform that could be introduced to different market regions globally. Following each exam sitting, we analysed the LMS student data to adapt and improve both the product and the student learning journey. By doing this we were able to improve student engagement and the level of activity over consecutive exam sittings.

The product was originally tested in the Middle East market and was offered to a small sample of students who had failed the exam at least once before. For the next two sittings we increased our sample size to nearly 3000 students across 6 regions: Middle East, APAC. Emerging markets, Caribbean, Western Europe and Sri Lanka. With both trials we saw the same positive correlation that had been found in the UK, with the number of mock exams attempted having a significant positive impact on final pass rates. This was an average increase of up to 25% for Strategic Professional students and 21% for Applied Skills students.

Pass Rates Black 01