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About FFA

First Fintech Asia (FFA) is a strategic partner to First Intuition Learning Solutions Ltd (FILS). Through this unique partnership, FFA is delighted to offer First Intuition’s (FI) Platinum ACCA courses from United Kingdom with customisation to cater for students in the Asia-Pacific region.

Through these collaborations we aim to take structured digital learning and exam preparation, including mock Computer-Based Exam (CBE) tests, to the next level and provide students with data-proven tools and learning solutions that will ensure exam success.

About FI

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First Intuition is a UK-based Platinum-accredited ACCA Approved Learning Partner. FI opened their first training centre in 2007 and now have 21 UK training centres that collectively support in excess of 25,000 UK accounting students each year across a variety of international accounting programmes.

FI holds the highest level of accreditation from multiple professional accounting bodies and have been awarded College of the Year on five separate occasions.

Helping ACCA students pass exam in over 65 countries.

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About FILS

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FI Learning Solutions is the international division of the FI Group and work in partnership with other leading global educators. Through our strategic partnerships, we aim to bring FI’s Platinum ACCA courses and unique training solutions to a global market.

FILS is looking to shape the future of online learning, bringing digital intelligence to both students and educators with our bespoke Learning Management Systems (LMS).

Our customised LMS solution for FFA adopts an exam-focused approach for every student from the point of enrolment, as well as experiencing ongoing assessment with CBE mock exams and tracking throughout each course, to ensure students are confident and exam-ready.

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